A WorkSafeBC prevention officer can enter a workplace at any reasonable time, without advance notice, to carry out an inspection.  The officer may tour the worksite, observe work practices, speak with workers, inspect equipment, review records and collect samples.  A worker representative has the right to accompany an officer on the inspection, and the employer is required to provide a worker for this purpose.  Normally the worker is a member of the Joint health and safety committee.

The purpose of the inspection is to determine compliance with WorkSafeBC regulations and requirements, including the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.  At the conclusion of the inspection or soon after, the officer will deliver an Inspection Report, which may list any observed infractions and order corrective measures that must be implemented within a specified time.  The officer may also require the employer to submit a written Compliance Report (Notice of Compliance) within a specified time, often 30 days or less, explaining the actions you have either taken, or plan to take to comply with any orders issued on the Inspection Report.

Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself on the receiving end of an Inspection Report that cites your company for one or more violations of WorkSafeBC regulations.  When that happens, you will need a plan to comply.  WorkSafeBC follows up aggressively on most if not all orders they issue, so you can expect to be held accountable.  Failure to comply with orders will result in repeated citations, warning letters and fines which can be substantial and can severely impact your bottom line.

Compliance plans are not always simple or straightforward.  In fact, they typically require detailed knowledge and experience with  the cited WorkSafeBC regulations.  Many employers lack adequate occupational health and safety resources to develop a suitable plan to correct the violation.  That's where a qualified OHS professional can help.

WorksafeBC Compliance Plan Consultant

With extensive experience as a WorkSafeBC Prevention Officer and Regional Prevention Manager, Peter Gilmour knows what WorkSafeBC expects.  Peter can help you prepare a comprehensive action plan to comply with WorkSafeBC orders, including orders requiring you to submit a Notice of Compliance.  You can’t afford to ignore WorkSafeBC orders. 

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