All workers need sufficient  training to do their jobs properly, and that includes working safely.  Workplace accidents and disease not only affect  workers, they can be extremely costly for employers.  It is well known that with a better trained workforce, workers who are aware of risks and properly trained in how to deal with them have fewer injuries and lower accident-related costs.

Costs associated with accidents, injuries and disease include not just lost time for injured workers, but additional costs for:

​•    lost time to investigate the incident 
•    implementing corrective measures
•    hiring and training replacement workers
•    repairing or replacing damaged equipment and property
•    increased insurance and WorkSafeBC (WCB) assessments

Beyond these costs, there are other, less tangible costs including the effect of the accident on injured workers and their families, lower employee morale and motivation, reduced job performance, and increased absenteeism. 

Like all other workplace  safety regulators, WorkSafeBC regulations require employers to provide workers with information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure their health and safety. There are general and specific training requirements in many sections of the WorkSafeBC regulations, and that includes training of not just workers but  supervisors as well.  From new and young worker orientation to annual training for health and safety committee members, training is required and expected.  WorkSafeBC Inspection Reports often cite employers for failing to provide adequate OHS training, and require the employer to submit a written Compliance Report (Notice of Compliance) within a specified time, often 30 days or less, explaining the actions you have either taken, or plan to take to correct deficiencies in your OHS training programs.

By providing effective and targeted occupational health and safety training, your organization can benefit from:

•    reduced risk of accidents, injuries, disease, equipment and property damage
•    enhanced productivity and employee morale
•    workers who know the hazards and how to protect themselves
•    improved due diligence
•    compliance with WorkSafeBC regulations
•    reduced insurance and WorkSafeBC (WCB) assessments

Peter Gilmour, CIH (1992-2018) - Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Consultant

Occupational Health and Safety Training

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Peter came to our work site to provide myself and my staff with all necessary on-site training.  Peter conducted himself professionally and thoroughly during the training while also being friendly to deal with.  I was very impressed by Peter's extensive knowledge and found it to be a helpful learning experience for me and my staff.

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