“The students taking part in Heavy Metal Rocks receive a level of safety training that prepares them for work in the construction industry ... This program equips young workers to operate heavy machinery safely and gives them a good foundation for considering a career in B.C.’s construction industry.”

Lost in confined space: Roundtable on confined space management - Confined space definitions

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Peter Gilmour, CIH (1992-2018) - Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Consultant

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About Peter Gilmour

Peter Gilmour is recognized provincially by WorkSafeBC and nationally by CSA (the Canadian Standards Association) as a subject matter expert in confined space management and other elements of OHS (occupational health and safety). 

Recognized provincially by WorkSafeBC and nationally by the Canadian Standards Association as an expert in confined space management and other elements of OHS.

OHS Management System

Peter Gilmour ,CIH (1992-2018)

“I think it’s important to note that confined spaces include a full spectrum of hazards, and all of them seem to be amplified because of the spaces,” Gilmour said. “Some of the hazards are a bit more obvious than others . . . but sometimes they are not so obvious, which I believe leads to a failure to classify a place as a confined space.”

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Confined space precautions start with safe entry
Heavy Metal Rocks comes to Williams Lake

Given the existence of so many adrenalin junkies and dubious safety training companies pushing their brand of confined space rescue training, it is really refreshing to see Peter Gilmour and WorkSafeBC telling it like it really is.

Confined Space Management

​​As a seasoned OHS professional with CIH (1992-2018) and CRSP (2007-2015) qualifications, Peter can help prepare and implement a confined space entry program that complies with WorkSafeBC requirements, and with CSA Z1006.


As a qualified OHS professional, Peter can help you assess your workplace hazards and implement controls and procedures to control the risks. You can’t afford not to. 

  • As chair of WorkSafeBC’s Occupational Hygiene Subcommittee, Peter played a leadership role in developing WorkSafeBC requirements for confined space entry (OHS Regulation Part 9), and all other occupational hygiene requirements (exposure limits,ventilation, respiratory protection, second hand smoke, WHMIS, asbestos and thermal stress, among others).

  • Peter represented WorkSafeBC on the CSA technical committee that created Canada’s first confined space management standard (Z1006-10: Managing Work in Confined Spaces), as well as standards on respiratory protection and OHS management systems.

  • As Regional Prevention Manager, Peter chaired WorkSafeBC’s “Confined Space Exclusion Committee” from its inception, assessing and ruling on employer requests for exemption under Part 9 of the OHS Regulation.